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Published: Thu, 08/31/23

The Daily Gold
Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, MFTA


Thursday, August 31, 2023


Good Morning!

Are you an accredited investor?

Do you have experience participating in private placements?

If yes, our private placement service, TheDailyGold Elite may be able to add value for you. 

There are membership spots open, and I bring this to your attention because my group has an allocation to a private placement, from a company I am quite bullish on.

This private company has now acquired 100% of one of the largest and richest Silver projects in North America, and is on the way to going public.  

Let me know if you are interested in joining our group and participating in this placement. I will provide more information and help you determine if this fits your needs or not.  


As for Silver....

It is coming to an interesting juncture. 

They is quite a bit of resistance at $25-$26. But if Silver can make a weekly close above $26, it has a chance to run.

Video: Silver Analysis as it Approaches Resistance

Here is my first public interview since July.

Interview: Macro for Gold/Silver, Micro for Juniors


Three 43-Year Bases...

We know there is an epic base in Silver.

However, we do not talk about the base in the inflation-adjusted price.

The base in the Barron's Gold Mining Index (bottom of chart) is not as clear as the other two. 

Gold breaking $2100 should lead to the inflation-adjusted Gold price breaking past its 1980 high and Silver rallying back to at least $50 but eventually above it. Gold stocks will follow too. 


Thanks for reading. I wish you all great health and prosperity in 2023 and beyond.


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